My name is FreeDom. FreeDom Flowers. Yes, it is my real name! I changed my name when I was twenty-one years old to FreeDom and fifteen years later, married the love of my life who happened to have the last name Flowers. So here I am with a name I have come to embrace!

I am a mama to THREE beautiful boys whom I love like crazy! I started this blog to share my love of plant medicine with you, the world through my lens through my visual stories. I am an earth lover by nature, an herbalist by trade, and a photographer for fun. I love being creative whether that be in the kitchen, crafting, medicine making, teaching my craft, or taking pretty pictures. I love what I do and truth be told, it is more of an extension of who I am rather than a job. I have always lived by the model of find what you love and make something happen with it which brings me here to y'all.

My Journey

I recently took a major shift in my career. I was an owner of a successful and respected Massage Therapy Center and Herbal Healing Practice called The Sanctuary for Healing Therapies. I started that business in 2008 as a single mother of a beautiful little boy in a small little room the size of a closet. I loved what I did and I wanted to make sure I could support my son and myself with that career choice. So I grew. Slowly, each year I expanded and created something great and beautiful. It gave my son and me the life I truly desired for us, supported six others that worked at my company, and took care of an entire community of clients. It was wonderful and I wouldn't have changed it for the world. However, over the years, I started to burn out managing and running my business that I started to not love it anymore. I needed a change desperately and so I took some time to do soul searching on what I wanted with my life. 

It became very clear to me that my business was a major drain on my body, mind, and spirit. The thing that I loved so much was the human connection, being with my clients in the treatment room, assisting them in their healing process, making herbal medicine. Being home with my kids. Having a family dinner at the table every night. I missed those things so much it hurt. That's when I realized. It was time. Although The Sanctuary was successful, I wasn't happy anymore and that is not true success. I still see my massage clients and at times take on new ones but I like keeping it simple. I like having time to talk with my clients after their massage over a cup of tea or time to make them an herbal formula on the fly if they need it. Besides wanting to simplify my massage practice, and be with my family more, I wanted to have more time to integrate my herbal consultations, knowledge, and medicine making skills. So back to my point, I know what I love! I have traveled a windy road to come back to my roots of what it is that I love but I got here and I am so grateful for the journey. 

My Offerings

I love botanical medicine and its ability to help people naturally. I work with you to look at the root cause of what is going on in your life and body to cause dis-ease.  We take our time over a cup of tea and spend the hour looking into every aspect of who you are, how you have gotten to the point that you are at now, and what we can do to get you back on track to good health.  It is a team effort!

I work hard to come up with a protocol and formula for you to follow.  Your job is to follow it, being an active participant in your well-being.

I found my passion in healing with herbs when I was seventeen years old and went on a backpacking trip for a month.  When I was out in the high desert, I had a book of medicinal and edible plants of the southwest. I was fascinated by the ability these plants had to help us. That amazement and love that started was just the beginning of my journey in studying more about botanical medicine.  I began studying on my own, reading books, using herbs as an alternative to prescription drugs in my own life, and eventually for my family, too. Since then, I have devoted countless hours to the study of Herbal Medicine. I am fascinated by the Earth’s ability to provide what we need to heal. It is amazing that our ancestors discovered natural protocols to heal various ailments and that modern science is beginning to acknowledge and legitimize those ancient techniques. These medicinal plants are our allies and they are gifts to be utilized.

I have had formal training with Susun Weed who is an American Herbalist, author, and Director of the Wise Woman Center. More recently I engaged in two years of intensive training with David Winston (RH, AHG) renowned Herbalist and Ethnobotanist, at The Center for Herbal Studies in a successful effort to earn a certificate as a Clinical Herbalist. I have also continued my education at numerous symposiums and Herbal Conferences. I have worked with friends and family for years, offering herbal alternatives. I have volunteered time in free clinics to help those who cannot afford herbal medicine, teach workshops to children and adults, I currently run a practice seeing clients for Botanical Medicine (even on Skype for the non-locals), and will be offering e-courses in the very near future. In my herbal practice, I work with many different types of ailments from headaches, muscle pain, easing the discomforts of anxiety and stress, arthritic pain, and digestive issues, etc. Herbs are invaluable assets to our bodies as they heal through various conditions. No matter how many times people come back thrilled by the benefits of taking herbs, I am still blown away by the power of these plants and their ability to heal us!

This blog will offer a multitude of recipes for food and healing remedies made with medicinal herbs. There are so many opportunities to heal through medicinal plants and you can make these things right in your kitchen! Herbal Medicine is people's medicine and I want to share it with you so that you can share it with those you love. My teacher always said he wants to see the day that herbal medicine is in everyone's homes. Where children and adults alike have a general understanding of what the medicinal value is of the spices in their cabinet or the weeds in their yard. I am here to help see that through! 

Whether you could benefit from adding an herbal regimen to your life, want to learn how to make medicines and medicinal foods at home, or would like to explore both avenues with me, I look forward to working with you and taking part in your healing process.

My Mission

My mission is to deliver you the best.  That is true of my time and service.  I am here to educate you in the things that may benefit your health and wellbeing.  This is a partnership and I intend on giving you my best to support you in obtaining your optimal health and happiness.  I am also fully dedicated to giving you only the best quality herbs.  I only order from companies who are organic, bio dynamic, and where it is not a threat to the plant, wild-crafted.  I always make sure that the plants we are using in your individualized formula fit you like a glove.  Herbs are not a one-size-fits-all deal!  Each herb, just like each person, is so individual.  I work to make sure that the herbs you take match you and I continue to work with you to refine your formula if it needs adjusting.


Contact me for information about on-site herbal consultations, virtual one-on-one herbal consultations, wellness care, & workshops.