Rose Petal Elixir


Rose is such a wonderful medicine. After hours of infusing this lovely rose petal elixir, it was ready to strain and bottle. I thought it would be a helpful remedy today, as I'm feeling a little emotional due to the recent loss of my Grandmother. I can't help but feel a little sad that I didn't know her better. So today rose is here to give me a hug. Lovely, lovely rose. 

Rose is such a loving friend to our hearts, there to nurture and comfort the broken heart, grief, sadness, and PTSD. I always keep this elixir in my fridge. I had large amounts on hand when my oldest son was little. When he or one of his friends that he had over would get a boo boo or someone had hurt feelings, I would drop some elixir in their mouth and they would feel better almost instantly. It was the sweetest thing because the kids would come running into the kitchen telling me they needed some of my magic potion. Awwww....the memories of those boys so young, so many moons ago! I've started to keep more on hand again now that my fifteen month old is getting bumps and bruises while he cruises around, and added to a special formula, seems to calm his temper tantrums that have become a more common event lately in our house. :) You may wonder how rose can help with a child's boo boo..... consider the injury a minor form of trauma for them. Those injuries sometimes are upsetting events in the moment and rose is there to help soften that.

Roses are safe and a little goes a long way because of its floral properties. The only thing to be aware of is if you have a rose allergy.  In this case don't try to use the elixir for obvious reasons. The maximum dose of Rose elixir is up to 3 ml per serving. For dosing with children use Young's formula.

You can add your elixir to lemonade, tea, desserts, plain, or in water. Get creative! I  decided to dress up a bowl of vanilla bean ice cream with my Rose syrup since ice cream helps with sadness sometimes too :). I also added some wild cherry balsamic vinegar, and a few sprinkles of some cardamom, black peppercorn, and rose petals. It was a wonderful way to end my day.



Rose Petal Elixir


1 cup of sugar  

2 cups of water

3-5 roses {Rosa} (stems removed)



1. Make a simple syrup by heating the water and sugar on medium to medium-high until the sugar dissolves.

2. Remove from heat

3. Add rose petals

4. Cover and let sit for 4-6 hours (depending on how strong you want it)

5. Strain and bottle

6. Keep in fridge and it should last a few months

*Alternatively you can substitute the simple syrup with honey or maple syrup. I use the simple syrup because one of my teachers taught me that way and she believes it has a better shelf life when prepared like this.