In these last several months, I have been on a journey to learn more about Theobroma cacao. In the western world think of this as chocolate but in many indigenous cultures Cacao is viewed as sacred. It isn’t eaten as candy, it is used as medicine and in sacred ceremonies and is considered one of the master healing plants. Next month I will talk with you more about some of Cacao's healing properties!

My initial draw to work with this plant came to me in a dream. The dreams kept coming and the pull kept getting stronger and stronger to the point that I could not ignore it. The synchronicity of the events that followed left me in a place of knowing that this plant was going to become one of my master teachers and I needed to listen to this calling. It was all very surreal and though I had moments of being like, "whaaaa?" I just listened and trusted my intuition....

So here I am. Many months later, studying Cacao as a medicine. Learning the spirit of Cacao, and the sacred ceremonies that come with this plant medicine. It has been a journey to say the least. A very fulfilling one. As I write this, I am a couple months into my Cacao dieta and training with my teacher who has extensively studied with T’zutujil Mayan elders, the keepers of this sacred medicine which still to this day is passed down through oral teachings. I still can't even believe all of this is happening! My cup is truly overflowing!


Monthly Cacao Ceremonies

Join me in coming together to honor ourselves, each other, and the elements as we share in ceremonial cacao. Bringing the knowledge and wisdom of the T’zutujil Maya along with my own unique offerings of sound healing, discussion, song, contemplation, meditation, and connection. Cacao is gentle yet POWERFUL medicine. When consumed intentionally and in ceremony, it subtly releases energy blockages and emotional barriers we unconsciously set against ourselves and others. Join me as we collectively create higher frequencies of thoughts and emotion in our being. I look forward to sharing in the healing power of this sacred plant with you!

New Moon Sister Circles

Monthly New Moon Ceremonies

Have you ever heard of a new moon circle for women? For several months, we have been gathering at my office to gather in sisterhood, intention setting, and honoring ourselves. Let me tell you a little bit about it....

First off, women thrive in prosperity in the presence of manifesting with other women who are supporting one another. We are often taught that women back stab each other or we have experienced being back stabbed by another woman (which we all have) and it is considered normal. Buuuut, its not normal!! It's what has occurred in the times of not lifting one another up and instead only looking out for your own personal interest.

This circle is being created to bring sisterhood where it is needed. To bring women together in a safe space to be vulnerable, share their dreams, and things they want to see shift in their lives. We will discuss this more fully in our first circle.

What is a new moon circle?

~a place to write down and/or speak your month goals

~a place to write and/or discuss the things you'd like to let go of

~a place to feel the support of other women as we all work into manifesting our dream lives

~a place where we lift each other up with compliments

~a place where you are encouraged to shine and be seen

~a welcoming space for all women (straight, bi, gay, lesbian, trans, and any color that exists)

~welcoming of all religious and spiritual backgrounds

~a nonjudgemental space

~a space to create sisterhood

~a few hours of being with other amazing women

What a new moon circle is NOT?

~a place of gossip, cut down, or make another woman look bad

~a place to complain and be a victim to your life

~a place of judgement

~religious pushing in any direction

~a place to bash all men

~a place to hate or be nasty to others

I will start by talking about the power of intention and manifestation. We will do some guided meditation in order to get a clear picture of what we would like to manifest in our lives, and we will write down all wish to create in our lives and will be able to share with one another. I will have tea, light snacks, and ceremonial cacao :)

Interested??? Email me here for details and to see if its a good fit for you!