FreeDom is an intuitive, personable, and dynamic herbalist, healer and facilitator. I've been attending her New Moon Circles and Cacao Ceremonies for a while now. She creates a beautiful sacred space where everyone feels safe and encouraged to set powerful intentions. It's wonderful to have a place to build community and sisterhood with fellow goddesses. These spaces and connections to other woman have changed my life in ways I did not expect. I look forward to this fellowship every month. A space where I can breathe, a space where I can support other women and a space where I can feel supported. 


I have taken a few workshops with Freedom, and loved her down to earth, personable energy upon first meeting. I feel comfortable and understood in her presence. Her moon circles have influenced me positively in both spiritual and holistic ways. Working with FreeDom has empowered me to believe in myself and live my truth. Many doors have opened for me since gathering in her circles and I am grateful for the sense of community and the friendships I have gained by attending. I have learned, and continue to learn so much from her! She is truly inspiring.


Freedom is amazing. My work with her in sister circles and ceremonies has been life changing. She has a gift for cultivating sisterhood and empowering women. Freedom is a bright and steady light inspiring women to forge ahead on their journey home to the sacred feminine. I am grateful that our paths have crossed and am certainly more surefooted because of their crossing.