My name is FreeDom. FreeDom Flowers. Yes, it is my real name! I changed my name when I was twenty-one years old to FreeDom as a reminder to not be limited by my fears. A story for another time. Fifteen years later, I married the love of my life who happened to have the last name Flowers. So here I am with this amazing name I have come to embrace!
I am a mama to THREE beautiful boys whom I love like crazy! I started this site as a blog to share my love of herbal medicine with you which has now evolved to embody so much more of what I offer. I am an earth lover by nature, a healer by trade, and an advocate for the wild sacred feminine because it feeds my soul. I love working with plant medicines and women who truly want to rise into their sacred power. I love what I do and truth be told, it is more of an extension of who I am rather than a job. I have always lived by the model of find what you love and make something happen with it which brings me here to y'all.

My Journey

In the past few years I took a major shift in my career. I was an owner of a successful and respected Massage Therapy Center and Herbal Healing Practice called The Sanctuary for Healing Therapies. I started that business in 2008 as a single mother of a beautiful little boy in a small little room the size of a closet. I loved what I did and I wanted to make sure I could support my son and myself with that career choice. So I grew. Slowly, each year I expanded and created something great and beautiful. It gave my son and me the life I truly desired for us, supported six others that worked at my company, and took care of an entire community of clients. It was wonderful and I wouldn't have changed it for the world. However, over the years, I started to burn out managing and running my business that I started to not love it anymore. I needed a change desperately and so I took some time to do soul searching on what I wanted with my life.
It became very clear to me that my business was a major drain on my body, mind, and spirit. The thing that I loved so much was the human connection, being with my clients in the treatment room, assisting them in their healing process, making herbal medicine, having time to learn new tools to bring into my work. Having a family dinner at the table every night. Being creative. I missed those things so much it hurt. That's when I realized. It was time. Although The Sanctuary was successful, I wasn't happy anymore and that is not true success.

Success to me means constantly changing and growing. Since the day I closed the door to that nothing but new doors have been opening. This is the journey. Trusting in your intuition and making moves and turns where it feels appropriate. I am so incredibly grateful for letting go enough to trust myself and my path! It never fails me.

So here I am. I offer you my gifts. The Sanctuary for Healing Therapies has evolved into Mama Flowers….and Mama Flowers has evolved to embrace all of the different aspects of the work that I love.

My Mission

My mission is to deliver you the best. I am here because I stand for women rising and empowering themselves. I strive to educate and support you in bettering your health, wellbeing, and coming into your sacred power as a woman. This is a partnership and I intend on giving my best to support to you in obtaining your optimal health and happiness with herbs, ceremonial cacao, bodywork, empowerment sessions, and various healing shamanic tools . As I said, I will give you my very best. That is true of my time, service, and products. I only work with companies who have a similar viewpoint, are organic, bio dynamic, or wild-crafted , and where it is not a threat to the plants, our planet, or our communities. I always make sure that the healing work we do is individualized to fit you like a glove. Whether it’s with botanical medicine, empowerment sessions, ceremony, and/or any of the bodywork modalities I use. Life and healing is not a one-size-fits-all deal! Each method, just like each person, is so individual. I work to make sure that the plan we put together matches you and I continue to work with you to refine this as it needs adjusting


Contact me for information about herbal remedies, new moon ceremonies, cacao ceremonies, wellness care, bodywork, sound healings, & workshops.